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Welcome to GKE

GKE develops concepts for cleaning and sterilization process monitoring, manufactures biological and chemical indicators and is a global leader in the development and production of process challenge devices (PCD). We offer you hands-on science.
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Who we are

GKE is a comprehensive competence partner for cleaning and sterilization monitoring

We are an owner-managed family company based in Germany. In addition to high quality standards, we rely on basic research and scientific innovations. Our high professional specialization and decades of experience make us a holistic competence partner for cleaning and sterilization monitoring.  At the same time treating people and nature with respect is very important to us.

What we do

We set standards and are solution providers instead of just manufacturers

We develop concepts for the cleaning and sterilization process monitoring for the preparation of medical devices and produce the corresponding biological and chemical indicators. We are happy to help you with the design of the monitoring with biological and chemical indicators and the selection of suitable test objects process challenge devices (PCDs).

We offer you hands-on science.

News from the company and our industry

GKE website now available in Chinese

GKE website now available in Chinese

The GKE website is now available in three languages - English, German and now Chinese, and can be changed by clicking on the language shortcuts.

The website provides easy access to corporate, product and technical information that is also scalable for mobile devices.

brochure for practices

brochure for practices

When reprocessing medical devices (cleaning, disinfection, sterilization), the reprocessing process must be optimally designed for the specific instruments and monitored on a daily basis.

A new information brochure is now available, which presents all information and products relevant to reprocessing in medical and dental practices in a clear format.



GKE now offers different SEAL-TEST seal indicators for continuous sealers (indicator with 173 mm width) and bar sealers (indicator with 250 mm width). These allow the testing of the seal seam quality for film-paper and Tyvek packaging. For more information, please see data sheet.

The guideline for the validation of packaging processes according to EN ISO 11607 specifies that the quality of the heat sealing seam is regularly checked with a test in everyday use.

Why we are the right partner

Quality from tradition - owner-managed family business
Ethics & sustainability - the highest standards for the environment, employees and customers
Service & advice - solution provider instead of "just" manufacturer
Development partner - knowledge transfer for our industry
World market leader - competence creates trust

Upcoming events

Retraitement des dispositifs médicaux

Retraitement des dispositifs médicaux

Processus de nettoyage mécanique et de stérilisation à la vapeur vus de près |
Bases techniques, directives réglementaires et normatives |
Conception et validation des processus modernes |
Bases et évaluation de concepts de surveillance pertinents


Sterilization monitoring and documentation

Adapted to the respective sterilization process, we offer special, chemical and biological indicators as well as process challenge devices (PCDs). There are different systems for routine monitoring, documentation or validation.

If you have any questions regarding the right product selection for your needs and your requirement profile, we are happy to help you. Get in touch with us using our contact form or give us a call.