Information about hydrogen peroxide sterilization

Hydrogen peroxide sterilization processes are also called plasma sterilization processes. However, the generated plasma is only used for warm-up at the beginning of the process and to eliminate the rest of the hydrogen peroxide at the end of the process and is not need for the sterilization itself. This process is another low-temperature sterilization process that can used alternatively to ethylene oxide, formaldehyde and radiation.

Unfortunately no specific standard for validation, routine monitoring and biological and chemical indicators does exist even those processes are used for more than 10 years.

The advantage of this process is the short sterilization time and easy disposal of the sterilizing agent at the end of the process. The disadvantage is that the penetration characteristics of hollow devices is limited and the sterilization of long plastic tubes is less suitable.

gke offers biological indicator strips, self-contained biological indicators and chemical indidcators for validation and routine monitoring. These indicators can be used in specially designed process challenge devices (PCD).