Helix-PCD Testset

The gke Steri-Record® Helix-PCD-Testsets include process challenge devices (PCD) with different air removal characteristics. The testsets have been developed to monitor the penetration characteristics of the sterilization agent to ensure penetration inside of the hollow devices, e.g. minimal invasive surgical (MIS) instruments and tubes. For a successful sterilization process the sterilizing agent must contact all surfaces of the goods to be sterilized. Air and non condensable gases (NCG) must be removed from the inside of hollow devices before they can be sterilized. Hollow devices and MIS instruments are more difficult to penetrate and therefore to sterilize than porous loads.

The gke Steri-Record® PCD-Testsets contain various process challenge devices (hollow load tests), consisting of a tube with a metal capsule that can host a biological indicator with dimensions of 6 x 40 mm. A microbiological laboratory is required. Alternatively chemical indicators can be used. The test devices are made of PTFE-tubes of different lengths and inner diameters.

gke offers three different Helix-PCD-Testsets. However, testset (art.-no. 200-016) is optimized for hydrogen peroxide sterilization processes. All Helix-PCDs of the testsets are available separately as well.

Helix-PCD Testset

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