1954 Foundation
Planning of central sterilization and operation room departments in hospitals, production and distribution of stainess steel modules and consumables for sterilization
1986 Production of own gke indicators
1992 Development, production and sales of the whole biological and chemical indicator range. Stop of all other activities.
1995 gke offers new services:
Validation of sterilization and cleaning/disinfection processes as notified body expert.
Resistance determination of biological indicators for steam, EO and formaldehyde sterilization processes.
Test laboratory for sterilization processes and indicators
2001 New printing equipment for manufacturing of all types of gke indicators and other print products, 2004 extension to UV-flexo and rotation silk screen printing
2003 Development and introduction of a new patented test device concept, the Compact-PCD (Process challenge device) for use as BDS-Test and batch monitoring
2003-2006 Further development of all indicator colours with UV-curing binders and adaption to the new standard series EN ISO 11140
1998-2006 Construction of two new production, office and storage facilities with altogether 3.500 m²
2006-2007 Development and launch of the first test systems for special loads worldwide (Tattoo-BMS, Dental-BMS)
2008-2011 Development of cleaning indicators and a cleaning test method
1994-2012 Global expansion of sales activities in more than 70 countries worldwide with total export sales of over 65% of the gke turnaround
2011-2012 Launch of cleaning indicators worldwide
2014-2015 Construction of new production, laboratory and office facilities with 10.000 m²