Hollow Load Test according to EN 867-5

gke Steri-Record® process monitoring systems (PMS) are used for routine monitoring in steam sterilization processes in each cycle to detect insufficient air removal, leaks and/or non condensable gases (NCG) in steam. The PMS is a hollow load test according to EN 867-5 which is designed to monitor steam penetration at the most difficult positions inside of the sterilization load. Monitoring temperature and pressure alone does not provide sufficient information to ensure steam penetration. The PMS simulates the penetration requirements of complex hollow, minimal invasive surgical (MIS) instruments, tubes and solid instruments or porous loads.

The process challenge device (PCD) consists of an external plastic casing with an internal stainless steel tube and capsule holding the indicator. All PCDs are re-useable and can be used for a considerable number of sterilization cycles.

Process Monitoring Systems according to EN 867-5