Very High Demand Hollow Load Test

gke Steri-Record® process monitoring systems (PMS) are used for routine monitoring in steam sterilization processes in each cycle to detect insufficient air removal, leaks and/or non condensable gases (NCG) in steam. The PMS is a hollow load test which is designed to monitor steam penetration at the most difficult positions inside of the sterilization load. Monitoring temperature and pressure alone does not provide sufficient information to ensure steam penetration.

The High Demand Hollow Load Test is used for routine monitoring of extreme complex instruments or long tubes whereas the hollow load test according to EN 867-5 is not sufficient anymore.

The VHDH-PMS Compact-PCD®, colour: brown, (Very High Demand Hollow) makes increasing demands on the air removal performance. The test cycle according to EN 867-5 with 9 injections of steam requires vacuum cycles of at least 160 mbar to successfully penetrate the VHDH-PMS. The technical gke team supports you by comparing the requirements of a test system with the load configuration.

Process Monitoring System