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for incubating biological indicators

  • Electronic incubator for self-contained biological indicators (SCBI) and growth medium tubes

  • No microbiological laboratory necessary

  • Available in different variants (57°C, variable temperature setting, variable temperature setting + incubation time)

  • With aluminum block for SCBIs or without insert (sold separately for the respective application)


Order number:

610-120     incubator with alu insert     57 °C 
610-121     incubator with alu insert     variable temp
610-122     incubator with alu insert     variable temp + programming

610-110     incubator without alu insert     57 °C 
610-111     incubator without alu insert     variable temp
610-112     incubator without alu insert     variable temp + programming

610-113 | 610-114 | 610-115     alu insert for     SCBI | ampoule | growth m.

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