Sales/Marketing-Manager "Dental" for german-speaking market

Specific tasks:

  • Sales and marketing of monitoring and documentation systems for reprocessing processes (cleaning, disinfection, sterilization) of re-usable medical devices (dental instruments, i.e. hand pieces).
  • Contact with opinion leaders of superior organizations, i.e. chambers, authorities, etc.
  • Conducting of technical presentations
  • Installation of sales partner and support for distributors and sales representatives
  • Preparation and administration of sales documents (data sheets, directions for use, publications, website etc.)

Specific requirements:

  • Graduated in technical or natural science education
  • Working experience in sales/marketing (preferably in the medical device industry or dental field)
  • Presentation experience
  • Excellent knowledge of German
  • Good English language skills in (written and spoken)
  • Extensive organizational skills
  • Flexibility in problem solution

General requirements:

  • Computer knowledge
  • Independent work habits and rationalization of workflows
  • Creativity, to solve new tasks
  • Result-oriented working habits
  • Non-smoker
  • Driver's licence

What we have to offer:

  • Stress less drive/arrival with car park
  • Working environment in the scenic "Taunus" area (close to Frankfurt/Wiesbaden)
  • Flexible working hours
  • 13,5 monthly salaries
  • New and modern buildings
  • Free non-alcoholic beverages
  • Gas/benzine vouchers
  • Young team
  • Smoke-free environment
  • To assume more responsibility due to company growth
  • Long-term employment

Please send your complete application including CV and photo, school certificates and academic performance reviews of your last three positions to Dr. Kaiser, Please refrain from telephone calls and paper applications.

Please mention in your Email:

  • Your earliest date of entry
  • Existing health risks
  • Your desired salary or last salary
  • Information about smoking habits
  • Telephone number (to reach you during the day)

Please describe what requirements can be fulfilled and which areas have to be learned . In case you live away please let us know if relocation (with family) is possible. Please apologize that we cannot take your application into consideration if above mentioned data are not provided.