Self-contained biological indicators (Instant-SCBI)

The gke Steri-Record® Mini-Bio-Plus self-contained biological indicators (Instant-SCBI) are used for validation and monitoring inside packs or containers in steam sterilization processes. After sterilization the SCBI can be incubated by the user without a microbiological laboratory. The newly developed Instant-Mini-Bio-Plus SCBI allows an immediate release of the load in sterilization processes without having to wait for the result after incubation.

The SCBI consists of a plastic vial with a minimized internal volume containing a biological indicator spore disc and a glass ampoule with growth medium and pH-indicator inside. They have also been designed to be used inside Bio-Compact process challenge devices (Bio-C-PCD).

The outside label of the SCBI contains a type 1 indicator according to EN ISO 11140-1 to check if the SCBI has been in a sterilization process. The Instant-Mini-Bio-Plus SCBI additionally contains a type 5 indicator inside the vial allowing the result of steam sterilization processes to be instantly evaluated at the end of the process.

For incubation of all SCBI incubators with two different temperatures and programming versions are available.

gke offers Instant-SCBI with different populations.


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