Self-contained biological indicators (Standard-SCBI)

The gke Steri-Record® Mini-Bio-Plus self-contained biological indicators (SCBI) are used for validation and monitoring inside packs or containers in steam sterilization processes. After sterilization the SCBI can be incubated by the user without a microbiological laboratory.

The SCBI consists of a plastic vial with a minimized internal volume containing a biological indicator spore disc and a glass ampoule with growth medium and pH-indicator inside. gke offers SCBI with different populations. They have also been designed to be used inside Bio-Compact process challenge devices (Bio-C-PCD).

The outside label of the SCBI contains a type 1 indicator according to EN ISO 11140-1 to check if the SCBI has been in a sterilization process.

For incubation of all SCBI incubators with two different temperatures and programming versions are available.

Self-contained BI (SCBI)

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