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Technology and products
GKE develops and modifies processes for the production of sterile products, validates these processes and produces materials and methods for their monitoring.

Through basic research and development, GKE strives to develop new cleaning, disinfection and sterilization processes and to optimize existing processes in order to ensure the sterility of complex medical devices.

The quality of the GKE organization and its products must meet the requirements of EN ISO 13485 for medical devices.

Market segments and regions
GKE serves the entire life science sector (pharmaceutical and medical device industry), healthcare (universities, hospitals, practices), dental and veterinary sectors as well as cosmetic surgery, tattoo and piercing studios worldwide. The products must be adapted to the customer's needs and be internationally competitive.

The GKE developments serve to reduce health risks and thereby contribute to better global health. Through active participation in national and international standards committees, the standards in the reprocessing area are kept up to date.

All development, production and other activities should be as resource- and energy-saving and environmentally friendly as possible.

Our customer is king. We are here to solve their problems through analysis, training, advice and fast delivery of high quality products.


All employees should help to achieve the set GKE goals. It is important that through the right selection, training and motivation, a corporate culture develops in which the employees perform these services with joy and motivation. Remuneration is designed to be according to their training, skills, performance and responsibility in order to guarantee their private material development opportunities and their job security.

Company and management

The company and management must provide the necessary resources and strategies so that all GKE goals can be achieved and the long-term growth of the company in the world market is secured.

Financial earning power

The company's long term financial earning power must be secured in order to develop the necessary know-how resources, to hire and/or train the necessary employees and to be able to finance the necessary materials, machines and structural necessities. This is only possible if the lenders receive a return on their capital that is adequate for the market.

Securing German jobs
GKE obtains the raw materials from Germany and produces over 95% of its products in Germany, although we produce under extremely difficult conditions (extremely high wages, high taxes, high administrative costs required by the state). Over 65% of our products are shipped abroad. Due to major innovations in our development department and the high investment costs in production, our products are still competitive, only a small part of our products of less than 10% has to be purchased abroad due to the high workload.