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for documentation

  • GKE Steri-Record® documentation system for patient-related tracking after sterilization and use of medical devices

  • Labeling device with 3-line print in two versions (numeric, alphanumeric)

  • 3-line double self-adhesive labels with type 1 indicator according to DIN EN ISO 11140-1 for EO sterilization processes, color: pink

  • Alternatively: Labels without indicator


Oder number:

240-820     D-G-NL (device with 3 alphanum. + 9 num. in the 1st line)
240-830     D-G-AL (device 12 alphanum. in the 1st line)
240-892     Replacement ink roll

242-885     C-E-L-1-DA-P (pink)                     2 pc
242-875     C-E-L-1-DA-P (pink)                   12 pc

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