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for hydrogen peroxide sterilization processes

  • Strips (6 x 36mm) inoculated with Geobacillus stearothermophilus, supplied in bulk or individually packaged in Tyvek® envelopes

  • Available on various carrier materials (PET, glass fiber, Tyvek, stainless steel) in population 106 CPU/carrier according to EN ISO 11138-1

  • Evaluation in a microbiological laboratory

  • Growth medium also available for optimal growth of Geobacillus stearothermophilus

  • Alternatively spore discs with 7 mm diameter are availabe

Order number:

332-607     B-V-ST-SS-10-6 (stainl. steal)      100 pc individually
332-608     B-V-ST-SS-10-6 (stainl. steal)      40 pc bulk

332-601     B-V-P-SS-10-6 (PET)                    100 pc individually
332-604     B-V-P-SS-10-6 (PET)                     40 pc bulk

332-602     B-V-G-SS-10-6 (glass fiber)        100 pc individually
332-605     B-V-G-SS-10-6 (glass fiberl)        40 pc bulk

332-603     B-V-T-SS-10-6 (Tyvek)                100 pc individually
332-606     B-V-T-SS-10-6 (Tyvek)                 40 pc bulk

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